Le Mieux Est l’Ennemi Du Bien

In case you have forgotten your high school French or chose a more practical language elective,…

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Cleaning and Restoring Charlotte “the Free”

I wish I had gotten “before” pictures of Charlotte, the “Free Sewing Machine Co” treadle powered…

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The Free Sewing Machine Company

Another treadle machine followed me home. I couldn’t help it. She’s beautiful, and her cabinet is…

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More Quilting Progress

First, the finished ironing board cover photos! I have been quilting all day, so it’s pretty…

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Rocketeer Feed Dog Cover Repair

Someone posted to one of my mailing lists that they were having trouble removing their feed dog…

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Rita Makes Stitches!

!!!! End product of the morning’s efforts:

Rita and the treadle are together, and look! she makes…

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Achievement Unlocked: Free Motion Quilting

So the ironing board cover is complete (photos before the elastic was inserted): 

Here’s another…

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Free Motion Quilting Set Me Free

Actually I think it may have been the Daily Pages I’ve been doing since we got back from Texas at…

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To the Moon!!!

On a lark, I got a vintage sewing machine. I showed her picture to David, and he decided we needed…

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Romeldale lamb fleece lock